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Culture paper

Corporate vision: make low voltage cable industry quality brand

Enterprise mission: as the development and prosperity of the motherland Dedicate a force that contributed to the economic take-off of foshan

Enterprise spirit: provide a platform for employees, create value for customers

Concept paper

Business philosophy

Take honestly as this, united by the good faith as the foundation of development, respecting virtues dedication, conduct a mix, for a company with staff and customers for the group, devotion and mutual assistance, mutual benefit are proud of the innovation and enterprising: on the way of development, innovating constantly explore and improve is speedy and pursuit, the nature of al - people will never step a footprint for the goal of perseverance in the heart, hard work and struggle, in practice and the social demand, meet to the demand of the society for, willing to accept all kinds of good suggestion self-criticism to self-improvement, to promote the rapid progress and rapid development of the company

Management concept

Push down on each of them together Progressive development

Service concept

The province customers, company within 30 kilometers apart from door-to-door delivery, can also assist unloading to the customer's warehouse on neat, regardless of both project traders buy products not used up within six months, in didn't open the packing cases can I return or change, such as the company's products appear quality problem, the company will be in 30 minutes to answer in a timely manner.

The business goal

The first-class team to create a first-class products Attentively service customers Speedy wise people happier and more happiness

Quality policy

Do the quality first, customer is given priority to, the first but not the only, united all the general mobilization, up and down about supervision and mutual aid, based on the efficiency of quality as the center, ensure excellent product beautiful image in the face of our customers, let our customers with the desire and buy with satisfaction and harvest

Standard article

The pursuit of religious devotion tolerance

Does the perspective-taking See things in the height of the aircraft type Is my state of mind to do things for company To customers as family members want to things To close to lead by example

Speedy wise people have four kinds of spirit

1, the spirit of mutual aid

A pair of chopsticks gently broken, ten pairs of chopsticks firmly stick together, a successful business not on a person's strength and into, is the united struggle, want to rely on everyone to work together to accumulate the power product of the mass of the wing wisdom to the club to the inevitable

2, the spirit of innovation

Age in progress, in the development of science and technology, competition continuously, adhere to and follow will only let oneself forever walk behind the others, eventually face is eliminated, so the company to develop, must continuously create a new pattern, new product new technology and new idea to always enjoy exclusive turned off competitors scenario-in sigh.

3, the spirit of learning

Only by constantly learning can continuously enterprising, only by constantly learning can change constantly, speedy people not only for his own vision, mission perseverance, but also keep pace with The Times actively learning play actively, to become selfless, ignorance to change ideas, thoughts and the speedy development of his promotion

4, the spirit of ecstasy

Work in wuxi, refinement, dedicated, leave their work in front of a glory, their potential to the career in front of the platform, make yourself no matter when and where the best talent

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