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Combined cable


    With diversified product models, rare repetition and different usage, the product usually need to be produced according to customer's particular request, so it's hard to be named. please refer to the following partial product model and specification sketch map for producing different types of combined cable.

    Product Standard:

    Subject to corporate standard Q/LX1-2011 of LianXun Science & Technology Company.


    Combined cable combines different types of cable together, which not 

    only can connects to power source, but also can transmits audio and 

    video frequency signal. It's convenient and satisfies requirement of 

    different situations with a compact structure, and usually is used in monitor 

    of lobby, important environment, residential area and etc.

    Product Specifications:

    ·Twisted single or multiple strands copper lines as conductor

    ·Solid polyvinyl or PVC insulated

    ·Mylar and aluminum shielded outside

    ·Soft bare coppe copper wire or tinned soft copper wire braid shielded

    ·PVC jacket

    ·Keeping working temperature under 70℃ for long-range operation

    ·package length:100m/roll、200m/roll

    Combined cable
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