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complex cable


    The product variety, less repetitive, have different purposes, usually according to the demands of users, not unified naming, part of the diagram above, specifications, for reference to make to order various different kinds of composite cables.

    Standardization of products:

    Foshan united telecommunications cable industrial co., LTD. Enterprise standard Q/LX1-2011


    Integrated cable is the different types of cables together, not only can connect the power supply, and can transmit audio and video signals, compact structure, easy to use, meet the needs of users in different occasions, often used in the hall, the important environment monitoring and controlling of the residential area projection, etc.

    Product description:

    , using single or multiple branches bare copper wire conductors twisted

    Solid core, PE or PVC insulation

    Outsourcing, wheat belt and the aluminum foil shield

    Soft, soft bare copper wire or tin plated copper braid shielding

    PVC sheathed

    , long-term working temperature should be allowed no more than 70 ℃

    Packing length: 100, 200 m/m/volumes

    complex cable
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