Photoelectric composite rope


    GYTS composite fiber optic cable structure is 250 mu m optical fiber, the soft PVC sheathed wire, steel belt cover into the pine casing of high modulus materials,Loose tube filling waterproofing compound tube. Pine casing external use a layer of both sides plastic coated is applied to take (PSP) is applied to longitudinally wrap, pine casing between block water material in order to make sure Cable is compact and longitudinal resistance of water, placed on both sides of a root or extrusion polyethylene sheath after two parallel wires into line, this series of products widely used fan:Satisfy the transmission of the fiber optic lines, but also satisfy the power, control and signal transmission, is the guangdong ocean combined with personalized customer demand customized The multi-function products.

    Product Standard:

    Subject to corporate standard Q/LX1-2014 of lianxun Cable Industry Company.

    Product Specifications:

    •Convenient wiring, quick, efficient, energy saving and economic benefits

    •Good mechanical and temperature performance

    •High strength loose tube that is hydrolysis resistant

    •Special tube filling compound ensure a critical protection of fiber

    •Crush resistance and flexibility

    •PSP enhancing moisture-proof

    •Two parallel steel wires ensure tensile strength

    •Small diameter, light weight and friendly installation

    •Using twisted multiple strand bare Copper wire as conductor 

    •300/300V rated voltage

    Storage/Operating Temperature:-40℃ to + 70℃


    Suffix Xn denotes fiber type and see details in optical fiber illustration.

    The colour arrangements of fiber and tube are specified in the colour identification table.

    The nominal value of the PE jacket thickness is 1.6mm.

    Need more detailed information please consult local sales representative.

    The optical cable shouldn’t stored in outdoor environment more than one year.

    Photoelectric composite rope
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