Fiber Media Converter


    •Pieces of high quality photoelectric integration module provides good optical and electrical properties, ensure reliable data transmission, long working life

    •In pieces missing diagnosis and provide remote link electric mouth mouth link connection link and light diagnosis, dynamic data transmission, full/half duplex, rate indicator

    •1 pieces to provide RJ - 45 mouth NIC and HUB, with NIC connect computer network card or the HUB connecting  witches, hubs

    •Mixer external high precision power supply, small casing design unique appearance, the shell size (94 mmx70mmx26mm)

    •Internal power consumption: 2.5 w (Input: AC140 ~ 260 v)

    •In pieces average trouble-free time in more than 50000 hours 

     Product features:

    •Mixer adopts nm 1310/1550 or 1310/1550 NMDFB single fiber photoelectric integration module, stable and reliable performance

    •Single fiber optical transceiver to use in pairs, which launched 1310 nm, 1310 nm the receive with the launch, 1310 nm 1550 nm matching use

    •Pieces of single fiber optical transceiver using a single fiber realize bidirectional data transmission, the same as the ouble fiber function, but can save a piece of optical fiber

    •Mixer adopt unique switch chip design, with 1, 2 k m SSRAM buffer MAC address table

    •Mixer radio filtering, automatic address learning and automatic update feature and the operation of the store and forward mechanism

    •Mixer base - TX 10 base-t Ethernet or 100 to 100 base - FX optical fiber media converter

    •Mixer supports IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3 U, IEEE 802.3 X, the IEEE 802.1 d

    •Pieces to support full duplex flow control or half duplex back pressure flow control work, and with automatic Negotiation(Auto Negotiation)

    •10 MBPS and 100 MBPS automatically adapt to pieces support (full duplex working bandwidth of 200 MBPS)

    The electric strength:

    •Pieces in accordance with the IEEE 802.3 IEEE802.3 u IEEE802.3 ieee802.1q X 100 base - TX. 100 base - TX. 100 base - FX standards

    •Mixer supports TCP/IP, PPPOE, DHCP and NAT protocol, ICMP

    •In pieces all the double flow control way to use the IEEE 802.3 X, half duplex adoption of Backpressure standards

    •Electrical port support automatic consultation function, automatically adjust the transmission mode and transmission speed

    •Mixer port support Auto - MDI/MDLX automatic reverse it

    •Mixer support store-and-forward mode

    •Supporting electric mouth pieces of 10 m, 100 m or adaptive switching mode

    •Provide status indicators, external power supply output 5 v ~ 50 hz (2 a) built-in power supply output 5 v ~ 50 hz (2 a)

    •Interface: electricity mouth, RJ45 fiber: SC

    •Twisted-pair cable: super five, six classes

    •Single-mode fiber: 8/125, 8/125, 8.3/125 microns

    •Working temperature: 15 ~ 50 ℃

    •Storage temperature: - 20 ~ 60 ℃

    •Humidity: 5% ~ 90%

    Fiber Media Converter
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