Bow-type drop Fiber Optical cable

    System Description:

    With the rapid development of communication service, the people have an increasing on the communication transmission and exchange capacity. Traditional copper-based access, from the backbone network to the village or the home, the copper wire bandwidth only can reach 1M to 2M, but the optical fiber bandwidth may easily reach 100M. Fiber or the home(FTTH), using the optical  fiber, directly connects the communication line from the LAN 

    to the user. Due to its excellent advantage in bandwidth, FTTH network can support full communication services. With the development of technology and market, FFH network is deemed to be the “access technology of the future”.

    Technical Advantage:

    •Support the internet, CATV and telephone;

    •High bandwidth, easily reach 100M;

    •Flexible network construction, reduce the cost of installation and maintenance, convenient for network management;

    •Usable equipment ports, easy to increase the users and expand accommodates gradually;

    •Support more network increment service in future. 


    According to the requirement of FTTH access solution,  devotes to develop series of high quality bow-type drop cables to meet the demand of all communication service provider,  FTTH network deployment and provide full communication services to the user.

    bow-type drop series cable consists of optical fiber unit, strength member and outer sheath, in which the strength members are placed at the two sides of the optical fiber unit and all them are finally covered with the outer sheath.

    a)The optical fiber unit shall be fiber, tight buffer fiber or fiber. One or above fiber count is available upon request.

    b)The strength member shall be metallic or non-metallic. They are applied at the two sides of the optical fibers respectively, and another one or more might be added longitudinally.

    c)The sheath is made of black or color LSZH material, which complies with standard IEC332-3C.


    Access network, fiber to the home



    Bow-type drop Fiber Optical cable
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