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2016 buyers in hand, the second leg of 23 ocean cables
Time:2016/7/11 15:09:18 Visits:

June 23, two in the afternoon, hand in the activities of the second leg, buyers mission came to the cable technology Co., Ltd. of Guangdong Ocean and ocean cable technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engaged in security photoelectric communication cable R & D, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, the company has first-class production equipment, strict inspection process, rich manufacturing experience and advanced management system, thus ensuring the best quality of wire and cable products. The company has developed the "Futura lianxun" and "Chinese spirit" brand series of products such as photoelectric communication cable security.


Buyers group photo


Welcome ceremony


Employees work in earnest

  Buyers friends off the ocean cable's leadership, business line to meet on the red carpet on both sides. Immediately, the ocean cable lead buyers mission to visit the factory in the production process, buyers mission friends after see the products of high quality and rigorous production process, have expressed desire to cooperate with.


Ocean cable products warehouse


Buyers seriously know ocean cable products

  After the short breaks and buyers delegation came to the hotel, first of all, Chen, general manager of the ocean cable built to "fine fine industry management" as the theme to buyers mission friends to explain the ocean cable business philosophy and the status of the industry insights. Then District Manager Chen Sanwan detailed introduction of offshore cable products, so that visitors to the factory after a group of friends of the company's products have a further understanding of the company.


Ocean cable general manager Chen. C.


Ocean Chen Sanwan cable regional manager

Subsequently, the ocean cable promotional activities began, with the publication of preferential policies, the buyers group of friends began to rush to buy, queuing scene has continued to the dinner, checkout buyers are still not reduced. After the event, many buyers have expressed their expectations of long-term cooperation in the future.


The meeting


At the scene of the dinner


Buyers on-site orders


Buyers on-site orders


Buyers on-site orders


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