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Analysis of the phenomenon of non-standard security industry competition
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With the rapid development of China's economy, all kinds of modern hotels, shopping malls, office buildings in the city, the intelligent building is more and more high to the requirement of safety, security products application field is more and more widely, more and more new demand point, especially this year, the government to promote "emergency system", "safe community", "safe city", "3111" project, such as major projects, to promote the public security and the social from all walks of life growing demand for security products.

Relevant data show that in 2000 China's security output value is 25 billion yuan only, after rapid development during the tenth five-year plan, 2005 annual output value of more than 90 billion yuan, 2006 annual output value reached 118 billion yuan. In 2007 on the basis of 2006 continued to grow, has reached 145 billion yuan. Experts predict that in the next few years because of the traditional security field reduced demand, security industry overall growth speed will slow, to the safety production in China will reach 200 billion yuan in 2010. Good development prospects for encouraged many in the industry, many companies fight, all want to from this huge market share as much as a piece of cake.

Although the industry development prospects are very attractive, but now also have a lot of the personage inside course of study thinks, industry development mechanism is not sound, lack of the basis of long-term and stable development, product homogeneityphenomenon serious... These problems if not solved, security industry foundation is not firm, remain the state of disorderly development, it will not conducive to the healthy development of industry.

Mode of operation: low concentration of loose management

Domestic security industry concentration degree is low, enterprise scale is generally small, relatively backward management way. At present international competition is increasingly fierce, the labor, raw materials, etc, the advantage is gradually disappear, the domestic security of the enterprise product technology content is low, the lack of independent intellectual property rights, key technology and core parts, components, equipment mainly depends on foreign imports, high dependence on foreign markets, fight risk ability is poor, as long as the foreign markets, some trouble in the downstream of the domestic enterprises will be affected, the the global financial crisis is a typical example. In terms of money, security industry capital operation mechanism is not smooth, enterprises want to obtain loans and risk investment is very difficult. A shortage of funds, security companies in technology development, bear the huge risk in the process of channel construction. In addition, in the process of engineering construction, customer default engineering contractor, engineering contractor default production enterprise phenomenon occurs frequently, a vicious cycle of this money will make a lot of enterprise capital chain operation impeded, not in the late work.

Under the condition of the industry development is not mature, the domestic enterprises also face many challenges for foreign companies. Bosch, honeywell, and many other international security company to enter the Chinese market, not only bring the mature technology, also has brought the advanced security concepts at the same time, their "adventurously live at home, is the absolute main force player, in the high-end market in the country's key projects mostly adopt international famous brand products. Domestic security companies, by contrast, the stability of the product is not enough, trailing off, can only look for business opportunities in the two or three line market. Malignant competition market operation: lack of specification The lagging behind of security legislation also makes the whole market is not standard, not form a unified market management system. Market regulation does not reach the designated position, many local governments and the users are not strictly implement relevant standards and specifications; Enterprises lack of brand consciousness, market competition chaos, "fake and shoddy products, brand products and inferior agents, malignant sale" wait for a phenomenon still exists.

Security product prices have been falling, the increase of sales did not bring profits to expand. Early security products into the market competition is less, the early entry into the market amid a growing brand monopoly, the user is mainly the government and some large enterprises, the high price of products, profits. But with the rapid development of the security industry, increased competition, has not formed an orderly market, prices lower malignant price war to bring the whole industry. Reduced sharply as a result, profit space, although the market to develop effective, but not a profit growth.

Serious product homogeneity, in urgent need of the development of new technology, research and development of new products. Appear on the market at present is security product category is numerous, but each manufacturer product performance, without their own style and unique, project traders and users in the selection, difficult to choose suitable products. Security field involving intelligent monitoring, burglar alarm, access control identification and other fields, the product is very rich, but now only video monitoring equipment used area wide, account for half of the security market, and other security alarm products, access to identify products use range is narrow, guards against the product in the market for a relatively small proportion, is much less than the video monitoring products, the whole industry development is not balanced.

Countermeasures: establishing regulations, perfecting rules and regulations

Industry analysts pointed out that China's security industry must improve and perfect the industry regulations, improve the level of industry of legalization, strengthen industry self-discipline management ability, to speed up the industry credit system construction, the supervision enterprise credit management, create a healthy and orderly market environment, let the enterprise under the environment of easy, get a better development space.

The rapid development of security industry, new technologies, new products constantly emerging, puts forward higher requirements on industry standardization work. In order to promote the construction of safe city, the national security alarm system standardization technology committee has completed the "city monitoring alarm network system construction standard system" of the formulation and city monitoring alarm network system general technical requirements, by the end of 2007, completed the 18 tables of "system" in the standard 12 standard SongShenGao. In September 2007, the national security alarm system standardization technical committee human biometrics application technical committee was established in Beijing, this is the standardized a landmark in the history of the development of career of important events.

The personage inside course of study points out, the security industry maturity is not high, the good and evil people mixed up a lot of enterprises on the market, destroy the specification of the market. Only establish relevant standards and specifications, laying solid foundation industry, make it into the health of the fast lane.

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