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Both opportunities and challenges
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The video monitor market is a market full of opportunities.

Have data show that in 2007 China's video monitor market overall size reached $4.1 billion, increased by 24.2% from a year earlier. Digital surveillance is especially rapid development, from 2004 to 2007, the proportion of digital surveillance in the size of the market from 35.7% to 54.4%, become a "leader" video monitoring field. The new generation of network video monitoring also performed well in the market, its market share from 7.4% in 2004 to its current 25.9% %. The personage inside course of study estimates that by the end of this year, video monitor market share will also hit a record high.

Expanding application fields

Traditionally, video monitoring is mainly used for public safety, industrial safety, etc., but with the progress of science and technology, the development of video technology, video monitoring by the earliest analog systems to digital video surveillance system, all appeared in recent years a new type of network video monitoring. From the point of development trend, the whole system gradually to intelligent, digital and networked direction.

At present, the computer, communications, multimedia, network and so on in the field of cutting-edge technology in harmony for a network monitoring system, due to the expansion of can realize remote monitoring and low cost monitoring scope, gradually expand the scope of its use, now has penetrated to the road traffic, enterprise IT, family, education, medical treatment, etc., and there is growing trend. Especially in the financial, banking and other industries, the video monitoring can provide good security, and thus plays an important role in these institutions. Through the network and network products at present stage has been truly achieve the stationing, scattered centralized monitoring of remote transmission. In certain occasions, the network monitoring has been effectively used, has been more and more attention from people.

Many drivers since the "9 • 11" incident, the international terrorism fiercely. At that time, security issues are on the important agenda. In 2004, launched the "safe city" project in our country, and in Beijing, Shanghai, dalian, hangzhou and other cities to pilot, the project hope that through the deployment of video monitoring and a series of security system to improve the security of city. At present there are more than 20 domestic cities deployed security system, a total investment of 2.8 billion dollars, and video system deployment accounted for 28% of the total amount of investment. "Safe city" project, therefore, greatly promote the development of the video surveillance market.

In addition, in recent years, our country have been hosting the Olympics, the world expo and a series of events. In order to ensure the smooth progress of these activities, our country has invested a lot of energy security, Beijing, Shanghai, tianjin, shenyang, Qingdao, guangzhou, shenzhen and xiamen city will the Olympic venues and related construction of work safety as a top priority, set up the layers of security system, some venues is done even flew into a fly can be found. It should be said that these large projects are pushing the development of video surveillance market.

Demand led to the growth of technological progress, as users of video monitoring system into increased, application and dependence gradually deepening, the traditional video monitoring system includes the camera control, the basic function such as field playback module can not meet the needs of industry application. Video monitoring field digital monitoring mode, compared with analog video monitoring, it is on the image quality, save time and reliability are greatly promoted, to provide users with cost-effective monitoring solution. At present, digital surveillance has been firmly in the overall video surveillance market has become the dominant, and mature application in financial, business and other industries. Domestic well-known video monitoring solution providers, such as hikvision, blue star, etc., due to the rich project experience in the field of their own industry, to win more market opportunities. There are quite a number of users to protect it for investment purpose, often in the existing video surveillance system based on the upgrade of the analog to digital video monitor mix of solutions. As the transition between the analog and digital monitoring, "1.5 generation" video surveillance is unique to China's video monitor market phase. And the emergence of network video monitoring in terms of technology, has realized the remote monitoring and extend the monitoring range, low cost makes the video monitoring can penetrate to many fields.

Both opportunities and challenges

On the video monitor market development for the industrial chain enterprise to bring the important opportunities for development, chip manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, software providers, system integrators, telecom operators and end users have gained great development. Beginning in 2006, telecom operators are also entering the video monitoring field. China telecom and China netcom respectively introduced a "global eye" and "wide horizon" video monitoring business, mainly for small and medium-sized enterprise customers.

Market consultancy, forecast, video monitor market will bring major equipment manufacturers and chip manufacturers huge opportunity, by 2012, the shipments will reach 6.5 million units of digital hard disk recorders, video server shipments will reach 8.5 million units, network camera shipments will reach 2.3 million units.

Although the prospect one be bright, but the personage inside course of study thinks, at present, the image is a constant flow of information, and in the process of image transmission, network video monitoring has a great dependence on network, based on the theory of network transmission, huge data and the signal flow with the current relative to the available bandwidth is too small, this makes people of IP network video monitoring application and the prospect is not very optimistic, and the image quality, the network speed, transmission delay, network security and other issues, has become the focus of attention.

Although network monitoring temporarily exist shortcomings, but we should also see, network development space is enormous. Much encouragement policies of the state council on the network construction, as a carrier of the IP network monitoring, the development and perfection of IP broadband will greatly improve user confidence in IP network monitoring. Various network operators in domestic has each fight, most security is of the personage inside course of study thinks, remote network transmission should be an important development direction of the industry, its market prospect at home and abroad have prompted the security vendors have developed to adapt to network monitoring of monitoring products.

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