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What is China's security industry biggest gap?
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According to relevant data, according to the integration of China's security market had become the world's second largest after the United States, China security output growth from ten years ago, more than two hundred two hundred yuan to the present nearly two hundred billion yuan, from 2010 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai world expo, immediately called for peace and the development of the city, in the meantime, all kinds of security products, systems and solutions of application, security market rare "hundred flowers bloom".

"Cake" expect this year's China's security market has 200 billion, Shanghai world expo alone occupy billions. In the face of such a large market share, traditional security industry support alone, I'm afraid I will be indigestion, therefore has produced different: each big industry a strong brand intrusion security, like carp jump among the security markets, brands with the aid of share high-tech expo feast which has taken security at the same time, with the majority of the IT industry, especially, of course, who all don't want to miss the golden feast.

Strong IT brand intrusion security field already is nothing new; The top 500 global IT giant cisco to tsinghua university to develop the network intelligent city solution; Peking University founder pioneered the intrusion detection system; H3C exalted banner building monitoring application platform; The world's top chip maker Intel introduced monitoring platform embedded chip; Digital China manufacture of high-end cameras; Zhongxing building independent security industry chain and so on, the international famous brand root collective security market in recent years, with aggressive brand strength and perfect service channels are opening up another prospect of security industry.

From the current market environment, IT too fierce competition of market, market share and profit decline year by year, and has huge potential and profitable security market is full of temptation for all enterprises. Through the global financial crisis, the domestic security market is facing a new round of reshuffle, security industry also tend to be more fierce market competition, under the pressure of international brand aggressive, traditional security industry will accelerate the evolution of the process. So who want to return to security activities in China, then who will shape the strong brand!

The current China's security industry lack most?

Then let consumers cited security brands in China are what? Believe answer -- hikvision, keda, feats of heaven and earth, and so on establishment time is longer, visibility larger enterprises, may also can casually say these, so if change IT brand have? I'm afraid consumers could not over a day and a night, yes, this is the lack of things! At present, most of the security companies are relentless submerged in the tide of competition in the market, many brands even I have never heard, how can we arouse waves in the industry, strong brand effect is the soft rib of the development of Chinese security industry.

With the change of the concept, we are living in an era dominated by brand, the value of the brand has become a trend, Coca-Cola President said a words: "if one day, I had nothing, but as long as I have a coke this brand, I can to develop the same another Coca-Cola". Strong brand because of its high added value, high profit margins, and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, make enterprises "kind", has a strong market appeal. For security companies, with the brand, can reduce the cost of sales and service costs; Can again under the condition of product homogeneity, stand out, get more added value, can by consumer brand loyalty, a bigger market share, this is China's lack of content security enterprise.

Why is lack of big brands? The answer is simple: the lack of core technology research and development resources and customer channels. Core technology of the current security market products are dominated by large foreign security companies, public statement - and they have the world's most advanced camera DSP chips, digital China boasts thousands of channel management and construction, the most it can, of course, that's true, but most Chinese security companies in the imitation road, cannot undertake product innovation, with price low cost to win a little profit, with the high-speed development of the market, industry competition intensifies, with various industries to the flow of a strong brand, the future of the security companies will be divided into two categories: with the core technology research and development ability of enterprise and customer resources. That somewhere in the middle, the lack of core technology and without core number of customer resources will be drastically reduced, the traditional security pattern to be gone forever.

China's security industry gap: bring strong brand invasion of the Gospel

China's security industry lack most? Lack of brand; Lack of core technology research and development and service channels. The disadvantage of China's security industry in the eyes of the industry a strong brand becomes a cash cow, a strong brand, especially in the IT industry a strong brand influence in the industry, with the core of the advanced technology to develop a strong or channel strength, relying on the strong brand effect and strength in a short period of time can dominate the security market, this is China's traditional security enterprise lacking something. Into security at home, IT brands is a common phenomenon, they have product core technology research and development strength and channel service safeguard, along the way, digital China and zhongxing is a model of success, is worthy of reference for the industry:

God code with the success of stellar micro is caught two of the lifeblood of China's security market, on the basis of a strong brand, digital China is famous for the strong channel, and have many years of experience in agency of international security, has nearly 16 channel management ability, through a vast channels of distribution network and mature management experience, continuous years of earnings multiples growth miracle, can rely on independent research and development is the most amazing technology into the production field of security, some unexpected; Zhongxing micro is a typical technology of IT enterprises, on a chip of attainments, wore its technical strength has been widely recognized in the industry.

Security market is huge, only owe leading technology innovation and brand, thus attracting countless brand manufacturers, IT vendors is the vanguard of the move, this is a high threshold of market, this is an emphasis on technology innovation of industrial field, only + technology + brand products, to achieve a larger in the "billions of cake" share!

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