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Technological innovation to promote industrial upgrading
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Poor technology has been the bottleneck restricting the development of Chinese industry, security industry is no exception, but in the process of digital security, had formed a batch of outstanding domestic enterprises, through they continued to increase investment in r&d, the major technical advances. The businesses through continuous technological innovation to build their own core strengths, and use it as the important measures to enhance the risk resistance ability of the enterprise. At decoding technology, network storage technology, ISP video processing technology, intelligent video analysis technology security, such as the core technology, the enterprise in the international leading position, which to a certain extent, changed the image of Chinese security companies "shanzhai".

The enterprise's technological innovation also got the market return, in the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world expo and other major projects and finance, safe city traditional high-end applications, such as with their international brands stand together, become a product or solution service provider of the these projects. This is the best encourage for China security enterprise technology innovation, believe the future will be more and more Chinese brands and products into the global high-end projects applications to accept the strict test, also believe that these enterprises can achieve more in the core technology breakthroughs, and thus increase the industry's technology in production.

Along with the computer technology, communication technology, the Internet of things technology for innovative applications, many new technologies such as also promote the innovative development of the security industry, security system become more powerful, but with each industry business management system constantly fusion, further play a greater value. In the domestic security market, security industry is given priority to with the product competition battlefield shifted to mainly system competition battlefield, security companies are also to the technology/products as the center to take the customer as the center. It is against the enterprise new opportunities, it is also a huge challenge. Is relatively closed security industry and the integration of IT, communication and other industries, permeate each other between different industries, industry boundaries become blurred, industry chain in every link of the participants are becoming more powerful, the industrial chain each link will become fuzzy. Perhaps, security industry change and traditional security enterprise scale growth is temporary.

Free competition degree is higher

Security industry has "decentralized" characteristics, there is no form oligarch competition, also won't appear for a long time. Security industry has a variety of product lines, including the monitoring, alarm, access control, video intercom, patrolling, cables, etc., product line is very wide, manufacturers can only do a product focus, not the entire product line, thus lead to the many vendors are scattered; And the industry chain is very long, from components to parts makers, machine manufacturers, distributors, integrators, installer, service providers and even operators, also make the whole industry distribution is scattered. Can foresee in the next 10 years, 20 years or longer, the scattered situation is likely to continue, even if some industry or sector of neat, security industry is not big changes may occur. Then based on the traditional orientation of security companies, its growth and development, will be restricted by a lot, does not have a particularly large expansion opportunities.

Control the capital strength to accelerate enterprise development

With the rapid development of social economy, the security application is expanding constantly, security industry also has from the marginal industry development in the national economy has a certain vitality of one of the emerging industry. In recent years, more security enterprises have been listed, security between enterprises mergers and acquisitions, and even security cross-industry capital cooperation between enterprises and other industries is also growing, capital to accelerate the development of security industry plays an important role. For security companies to "enterprise", need to constantly consolidate foundation, hard skills, to improve the overall operating ability, on the basis of better harness the power of the capital, to keep the enterprise under the force of capital steady development. Just rely on capital means, is not the entity enterprise, entity enterprise growth and development cannot leave the management ability and management level.

Opportunities in the side, but we must clearly recognize that the current security industry still faces many challenges, from a macroeconomic level, also have come from within the enterprise.

National macro-economic uncertainty

In 2009 after the first negative growth since world war ii, thanks to the measures against the crisis and micro self adaptive adjustment of the economic subject, in 2010 the world economy has begun to enter slow growth and uneven recovery. It is predicted that in 2011 the world economy will continue this trend, full of challenge and uncertainty, and even the possibility of a second recession cannot be completely ruled out. As emerging economies, in 2011 China's macro economy faced with steady growth, keeping inflation, restructuring the three tasks, is quite complex. As a result, the security industry closely related to economic development level, the uncertainty of its development is also unavoidable.

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