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Millions of hd polarization process will accelerate the security industry
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Millions of hd monitor is against the resolution, the analog cameras are usually higher resolution of 540 TVL, the theory of the highest quality only about 400000 pixels, the real definition is concentrations of pixel level. Pure digital high-definition cameras can do millions of hd 720 p (1280 x720), 1080 p (1920 x1080), or even hundreds of millions of pixels.

Millions of hd monitor is no longer a slogan of manufacturer, now the whole security market have been millions of high-definition monitor products of PK stage, this trend will promote security industry reshuffle. 2010 millions of hd usher in explosive growth and rapid popularization, the development is "everything" millions of hd, only owe "east wind", the "east wind" is that people should turn to the wrong viewpoint which millions of hd in the past, to set up the correct understanding of millions of hd.

Hd is not equal to high prices

Millions of hd after years of development, while the annual growth rate is more than 30% %, but early by price, high-definition, low illumination performance and other factors, not reached many hd manufacturer want value, not only that, but also caused a lot of people has a lot of mistakes on the millions of hd, hindered the development of millions of hd.

Shenzhen wave particle technology co., LTD. Northeast regional manager Gong Wenju introduces to the reporter, early, millions of high-definition cameras mainly by foreign manufacturers sales, because of the foreign manufacturer of hd IPC in the aspect of form a complete set with low illumination, application and sales lead to limited, with their high labor costs, so prices high. The wave particle researchers have been exploring and developing "high-quality low-cost" innovative technology, they are thinking, hundreds of yuan business in the field of consumer electronics can reach millions of pixels digital cameras, and security cameras either domestic or imported from analog camera one thousand yuan of above, only hundreds of thousands of pixels, price and the quality does not match very much. So the wave particle start the related research and development of digital camera, will be treated as light sensor and optical technology research. Wave particle in 2008 won the major technological breakthrough, succeeded in the application of the movement of the digital camera to the security cameras, to achieve the "high-quality low-cost".

Mao Zhongbiao wave particle President in an interview with reporters said: "the traditional analog cameras can not only calculate the cost of the camera itself, its supporting facilities such as cable up is also a big cost. And high-definition cameras, compared to traditional analog cameras in resolution, AD analog-to-digital conversion, scanning mode has more excellent performance."

In addition to the camera unit price slash, more press close to consumers, digital high-definition monitor can also project traders and users in many ways to save costs. Use cable instead of coaxial cable, for example, at the same time transmission of video, audio, power control and save the wire; Long distance transmission with cheap optical transceiver to replace expensive optical transceiver. Millions of hd engineering business user feedback, with millions of high-definition surveillance programs often cheaper than analog monitor, this makes a lot of people feel surprise.

Millions of hd will lead the industry to realize "upgrade"

Mao Zhongbiao talk of security companies in the performance of the bad economy, said: "good market environment, even if the business is very extensive, there is no advantage on technology, but still be able to live well, because everyone has to earn profits. But weak in economic crisis, market environment, some enterprises may not bottom go to, even facing bankruptcy. But insist on independent research and development, less to buy overseas project management pattern, the Chinese security companies to sustainable development under the harsh economic form."

In the past, millions of hd by price, processor performance and hard disk capacity, network bandwidth, supporting the backend equipment, photodetectors, the influence of such factors as longer stays in the concept phase and probation, today to stop millions of hd one by one, is to overcome the barriers in the development of, millions of hd products more and more close to the masses of users, not only in high-end projects, even the civil projects are gradually considering millions of hd video cameras and related equipment. As a result, millions of hd will bring revolutionary change to the security industry, will guide the security market in the future. Millions of hd will lead the industry to realize "upgrade", at the same time promote security industry reshuffle. Millions of Gao Qingyou higher threshold technology, many do not have research and development strength of the enterprise could not cross the threshold, this technology will intensify security reshuffle, security industry will become polarized.

One mark of the maturity of the industry is highly concentrated, millions of hd will speed up the popularization of the security industry reshuffle speed and capacity, change a lot don't have the strength of manufacturers will be eliminated in the wider use of hd wave. At the press of hikvision, quanzhou jiale security enterprises such as interviews, business executives think generally, strengthening independent research and development, social security enterprise "internal strength", is the security enterprise under the new wave is not something to buck the trend.

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